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Technical Service & Support

​​​The regular technical and hands on service which we provide to our customerss, is what sets CAI INC. apart from other ink companies.

​Our technical teams are knowledgeable about both inks and the various print processes, many having had experience working in print facilities prior to joining CAI.

​From a total cost t print perspective we are committed to helping our customers reduce downtime and waste while increasing press speeds and milage.

​We believe that it is this commitment to servicing our customers, which has helped CAI INC. grow and will continue to provide future growth.

  1. Technical Director
    Mike Sartorelli Georgetown, MA
  2. Technical / R&D Manager
    Rob Huber Rockingham, NC
  3. QC Manager
    Bill Wilkinson Rockingham, NC
  1. Plant / Lab Manager
    Jim Tennant Prescott, ON
  2. QC Manager
    Tina Ballantyne Prescott, ON
  3. Plant / Lab Manager
    Jose Pereria Montreal, QE
  1. Polymer Development Chemist
    William Wilson Georgetown, MA
  2. Technical Field Support
    Brian Ellsworth Georgetown, MA
  3. Technical Field Support
    John Anderson Los Angeles, CA
  4. Technical Field Support
    Bob Lanza Georgetown, MA